Fictional narrative essay on The Scarlet Letter

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Dear Reverend Dimmesdale,

Hester Prynne is not the women who you know and love. She is a lying deceitful slut and an unfaithful wife. I know who you are and I know that you are the father of her baby. The question is do you know who I am? She has tricked you to make you think she loves you. But she does not. She wants people to feel bad for her, like she is innocent of a crime. Well she is not. Adultery is a serious crime.

I have known for some time who you are and that you are the father of my wife's baby. I soon as I saw her on the scaffold I could tell. The way she looked at you. The way she talked to you. It is obvious that you are the father. I do not see how the rest of the Puritans did not observe these clues.

Or maybe they did and just turned their back to it.

As you probably figured out, this is her husband who she said her vows to. I guess the bondage of marriage means nothing these days. She has been toying with your heart. How do you know she will not do the same thing to you as she has done to me? She has been parading around town like nothing is wrong and she is doing it purposely. She is making you feel guilty about what you have done to her, yet it is not your fault. She came to Boston looking for a lover and she found one. What man would not sleep with a beautiful woman who throws themselves at you? She has tricked you and now she is making you pay.

As for the punishment of her crime sent down by the Puritan...