Fictional Short Story

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A golf course attendant waits for a customer to pull in at the Hawaii Prince Golf Course. His wait was short lived because a beautiful "˜01 Mercedes 190E pulled in. The figure that stepped out was very well dressed. The guest wore Tiger Woods apparel from the hat down to the shoes. Everything matched perfectly and was ironed with the most stunning pleats.

"Good Morning sir, welcome to the Hawaii Prince Golf Course," said the laborer. "Would you like me to assist you with your bags?" "Of course! That is your job right? That is what you get paid for isn't it?" was the reply of the cocky tourist.

The golf course attendant did not even bother to ask if he wanted to rent a cart for the day. "I'll be right back with your cart sir," he said, trying to block out the wise comments of the obviously rich man.

He returned with the cart in less than two minutes, grabbed the bags from the Mercedes with the most polite smile he could spit out, and shortly got them strapped in the cart and ready to go. The attendant stared at the golfer for a few seconds as he waited for a tip. The golfer sighed when he caught the hint and went into the ashtray of his car. He emerged from the Mercedes and gave the attendant two dollars in change. The attendant took the change and let the golfer go on his way to play his 18 holes of golf.

It was a slow day and before another golfer arrived, the cocky tourist came back with the cart. The attendant put his smile back on and rushed to the man's side hoping to get a better tip than before. The golfer waited for him to...