A fictionalized dialogue on morality

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An article which was written in the New York times had raised the need for discussion. A woman who had accepted money from a couple, had agreed to be the surrogate mother of the couple?s baby. They had signed a contract which requires the surrogate mother to terminate her parental rights as soon as the child was born. After the surrogate mother delivered, she realized that she loved the child and did not want to give her up. The couples who had paid and signed that contract sends her to court to claim the child. Kobe and Gina who read this case, argues about what the outcome of the case should be.

Kobe: This woman must be crazy if she thinks she can just take the couples

money for free. Money is hard to come by these days and it would be

really annoying if someone plays this game with you.

Gina: It looks like you care most about the money and nothing else.

Kobe: Yes. The money matters to me, but that?s not the only reason why

I think the surrogate mother is wrong. I feel there is no reason why

a contract should be broken.

Gina: I understand that personal ownership is important because it gives people

the incentive to work. And I also believe that contracts serve as a security, but I do think that some contracts should not be upheld because of its provisions.

Kobe: Well, to my understanding, the surrogate mother accepted the couple?s

money and agreed to give up her parental rights on the day of delivery.

There is no evidence that she was forced to sign the contract. And there is

no showing that she is of unsound mind.

Gina: Yes she agreed, but don?t...