Fideism vs. Rationalism

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We live in an age of disloyalty, betrayal, disbelief, falseness, fraud and skepticism. I am not a skilled philosopher, so I am scientifically disqualified to write this paper. But in a different perspective, philosophy alters everyone, so we all should be knowledgeable of its present bearing. Philosophy is the basis of diplomatic arrangement; an example would be Marxism. You and I are both intuitive people who seek knowledge. Back-fence talk is perchance a poor illustration of this yearning. Everyone wants certainty. Humans might want to mislead others, but few people want to be misled.

I have always been curious about our intention and design. Are you and I nothing but a rare universal fluke that must have intention, or were we developed for an intention? Who am I? Where have I come from and where am I destined to go? Why is there immorality? What is there after my existence? The solution (or absence of the answer) to these basic questions on the reason for our existence determines the path which humans look for to contribute to their existence.

What is the best way to come to faith of God, by faith or rational facts? I was raised as a Christian. By the time I was in middle school though, we didn't have time for church on Sundays. I would rarely go with my friends, and my parents would still pretend to be Christians. They believe that you can be Christian and not go to church, which I believe is true, but they didn't act like it or go to church. I have to be a Christian because if I wasn't, my family would look down on me, and my girlfriends' parents wouldn't accept me. I guess you can say I fake it. I don't know what I believe when...