Fidel Castro

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Fidel Castro, a very well known leader, is a man with a lot of power. For many years, Cuba has been under his control and his ideas have influenced many other leaders in other countries. Many groups in other countries have used his ideas and have become revolutionary as well. This has caused a lot of violence, poverty, and unbalanced countries. This man has a strong revolutionary spirit, and he's a good example of a real rebel.

Castro's life is inspiring because, like other revolutionaries, he started from the very bottom and worked his way up until he became a very powerful man. He never gave up despite peoples' negative opinions about him. The way he has obtained control over an entire nation is also inspiring. He has made himself a venerable man, and people want to think and act like him. For example, Colombian rebels respect Castro because they obtain weapons by means of him.

Other people see him as a dishonest man and don't have respect for him because they think his ideas are too violent. He's revolutionary because he wants all the leaders in the world to think like him. He wants to change the world and he started with his country, by setting rules that he thinks are right. Castro believes in the idea of communism, which is a system in which all businesses and other property are owned by the government for the use and good of the people. One way he has changed and helped his country gradually is by giving free education and free housing to a lot of poor people in Cuba.

Castro's ideas have made him face many difficulties in life that not only affected him but also his nation. Most powerful, important, and rich countries, such as the...