Fidel Castro:modern-day dictator,an evil dictator who has ruled for 44 years, when will his rule end???

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Even though people are much better educated about dictatorship, some things will never change. Dictators have always been around, hopefully though, this will not continue forever. Most of the worst dictators are dead now, like Stalin and Hitler, but there are still many modern day dictators who exist. One of these men is Fidel Castro, leading Cuba. Fidel Castro has ruled for a total of 44 years so far, and it does not seem like the people are willing to do what would need to be done to get rid of him.

After the Cuban Revolution many changes occurred in Cuba. Cuba was once a corrupt dictatorship, now and for the past 44 years Castro has led a communist government. Before Castro overthrew Batista, Batista ran an unfair economy for the rich. Officials took pay offs, keeping the majority of the people thought of as invisible. "Protestors of Batista were the embargo on Cuba, for Communism is no longer a threat, this made the people of Cuba suffer even more, just for their beliefs on the government."

(Jason Rosenweig 1).

Fidel Castro took control in 1959, his support was enormous, but so were the expectations of him. Mostly because of Batista's rule, Castro was welcomed as a leader, and people expected changes from him. "In its early phase, Castro's revolutionary regime included moderate politicians and democrats; gradually, however, its policies became radical and confrontational." (Owen Tripp 1). He became prime minister of Cuba in 1961 and shortly after that cancelled elections and suspended Cuba's constitution. Castro ruled without using the 1940 constitution until 1976, when the nation enacted a new constitution that allowed limited electoral participation by Cuban voters. Cuba's National Assembly elected Castro president of the country in 1976.

Castro's dictatorship represents the characteristics of totalitarianism, for one...