Fidel Castro's Accomplishments Relating the Cuban Health and Education Systems

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Communism is a political theory created by Karl Marx that advocates a classless society were property is owned by everyone. This idea goes all the way back to the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century when socialists blamed the horrible economic situation going on in Europe to capitalism, which was the type of economic system that presided during those times. Cuba has had a communist government for over forty-five years headed by Fidel Castro. He has governed the nation with strict emphasis on the beliefs of communism by every means. But even though this, Fidel has always had clear his goals: improving health and education. Castro and other revolutionaries like Che Guevara and Raul Castro had long been fighting a revolution against Cuba's current dictator, as well as attracting people to their ideals. In 1956, 82 combats arrived in Cuba by boat. Castro and his guerrilla's fought the government without halt until they obtained total victory.

Finally in late 1958 Fulgencio Batista had to flee from the country after his army suffered setbacks from the rebels led by Castro. Batista's government had been corruptive and repressive and a great political, social and economic inequality existed among Cubans. During Fidel Castro's period of governing, the country's economy has gone through flourishing as well as tough times but health and education have always been priority. In 1991 after the USSR collapsed, Cuba's economy deteriorated immensely but even though this, these two sectors kept thriving. In the past 50 years Cuba has suffered periods of economic limitations, but it is unquestionable that the Communist revolution under Fidel Castro has established an outstanding health and education systems compared to other third world countries like Dominican Republic.

As Batista's government became more and more imbalanced; Fidel Castro saw an opportunity to obtain power. In March...