Fidelity In America Today

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Fidelity In America Recently the President of the United States admitted to an adulterous affair. We now know the effect that had on the nation, but in every day life what is the toll that is exacted on individuals each day by similar indiscretions? Most people believe if their partners, "really loved them", would never cheat. Yet, each day the courts in the U.S. are filled with divorce cases charging infidelity as the cause of the marriage failure. Is the first assumption correct, have all of these couples fallen "out of love", or is there a less obvious cause for infidelity, is infidelity really a statement of love lost, or is it the symptom of deeper psychological phenomenon? Most women believe that if their mate is having an affair it is an indication of a terrible marriage. Men who aren't "getting it" at home are the ones that cheat, not happily married, average, got to work every day kind of guys.

Unfortunately, the truth is that men and women come to this subject from two different directions. Men cheat for the sexual gratification. Women, conversely, can cheat emotionally and never become physically involved.

It is difficult for members of one gender to understand the motivations of the other when it comes to infidelity. Women really can't understand the reason men can succumb to sexual temptation outside of marriage when they are not being deprived at home. The fact is, men may become more sexual at home when they are involved in a affair outside of the marriage bed. Recent studies indicate that men are invigorated by affairs, and often claim to be much more passionate with their wives while being involved in an extramarital affair. In a recent survey 56% of the men who were having sex outside of their...