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Fiedler's Leadership


A good manager is one who is able to get the job done. In today's new economy, managerial leadership has great influence on the structure and daily activities of their organization. In addition to doing a good job with their own daily work, a manager must be able to keep their teams progressing in the most efficient manner possible as well. Managers must be able to motivate their subordinates, budget resources, and still serve as a source of communication to their division or department. Many business management strategies have been developed, discussed and argued over the years all with the one goal of making the business bigger and better. In the 1960's, Fred Fiedler developed what is now known as the Fiedler Leadership Model to determine group effectiveness in a business setting. Fiedler assesses situational control defined as the "extent to which leaders can determine what their group is going to do and what the outcomes of their actions and decisions are going to be.


The first major factor in Fiedler's theory is known as a person's Leadership Style. This style is defined by the interaction of a manager and their workgroup or workgroup tasks assigned. Fiedler argues that this style is 'fixed,' a person is born with it and it cannot be changed - it is part of a person's personality. To 'label' a person one style or the other, Fiedler developed an index called the "least-preferred coworker," or LPC, scale. The LPC scale asks a manager to think of all the persons with whom he or she has ever worked, and then describe the one person with whom he or she worked the least well with. This person can be someone from the past or someone with whom...