Field of Dreams

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If you are looking for a movie where your dreams can come true then you should go out and see Field of Dreams. The drama begins in a small town in Iowa where a farmer begins to hear a voice that says "If you build, he will come." At first the farmer is puzzled by this and thinks that he is just crazy but then he continues to hear the voice and suddenly he sees a baseball field in the distance, and his journey begins.

In the movie the main character Ray Kinsella is played by Kevin Costner who is a man that is married to Annie who is played by Amy Madigan, they have a daughter Karin who is played by Gaby Hoffman. Ray has become a simple man in a small town just running his farm and enjoying life with his family till he is thrown a loop by this voice that continues to tell him new things as the movie progresses.

Ray has never taken a risk in his life and decides that now is that time to finally do something wild in his life and he has picked a good time to do it.

Ray's dream hits a snag when no one shows up to the field and he is still puzzled as to what is supposed to happen. He begins to run into money problems because he has plowed over so much of his farm to build this field and is not taking as much revenue and can not afford to keep the field. Annie, Ray's wife has a brother Mark who is played by Timothy Busfield who is a banker also and wants to help her sister with her money problems. He doesn't understand why he wants to keep this field and cause...