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In my English class we viewed the movie, Field of Dreams and also read the short story, "Thrill of the Grass". In this essay I will compare and contrast both selections and write about the three main literature devices of setting, conflict, and theme. Although both of the stories are based around the game of baseball there are many differences as well as other similarities.

The setting in both of the stories was mainly on the baseball field. In the short story, "Thrill of the Grass" the baseball field was located in the city. Also, it was in a stadium and very modern. In the movie, Field of Dreams the baseball field was in the country on a farm. The field in the movie was man-made and very old fashioned. It had a grass out field and wooden bleachers for watching the baseball game.

In both stories there were internal and external conflicts.

In the short story, the external conflict was getting the group of men together to bring the grass into the stadium and to rip up the old turf. Also, the group of men had to break into the stadium to do the job. The external conflict in the Field of Dreams was fighting the bank to keep the farm. The bank was trying to take the farm because they couldn't make the payments. Without the farm, the land was changed into a baseball field.

The internal conflict in the movie was the main character being unable to forgive himself for not seeing his father and for saying that he hated him. The main character heard voices that instructed him how to get his father to come to him so he could make amends. In the short story the internal conflict was the man...