Field Experience Report Meeting Needs of Special Students in Elementary School

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I.Identifying Information

A.Observation Site: XXX Elementary School

B.Type of Class and Grade Level: Multi-age 1st and 2nd grade class.

C.Dates of Observation: February 21 to May 7

D.Teacher: Mrs. VXXXn

II.Instructional Environment

A.Demographics: There are 33 students divided between the two grades. 18 of them are the 2nd graders.

1)Gender Distribution: The teacher did not know exactly what the ration is of boys to girls, but she said it is about even.

2)Learning Disabilities: There are 8 identified children with learning disabilities, and there are 5 who are in the process of being indentified. Four children in this class are classified as autistic, one is developmentally delayed, one has a communication disability, and two are considered "other" health impaired.

3)Minorities: The teacher had no information on the quantities, she said that isn't something they pay attention to. Based on my own observation, I calculated that perhaps more than half of the children in the class are minorites.

B.Physical Environment: This classroom is full of visual samples of the childrens work, every inch of the walls is covered with some assignement or another that the kids worked on during the year. There are four group work areas, which is where the children can sit to do their current assignment. The teacher uses a big carpeted area in which to give instruction. All of the students sit at the carpet and listen to the teacher read them a story.

C.Time (schedule):

8:30 - Morning Centers

8:50 - Math

9:50 - Recess

10:10 - Snack / Literacy Centers

10:45 - Writing Workshop

11:35 - Lunch

12:05 - Silent Reading

12:45 - Specials (music, art, etc.)

1:35 - Word Works

2:00 - Afternoon Centers (science/social studies)

2:45 - Shared Reading

3:00 - Class Meeting

3:15 - Buses

D.Student Encouragement: Students are praised for doing...