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Field Hockey Many people that don't know a lot about field hockey think that all it is, is a game played on turf in which two opposing teams use curved sticks to drive the ball into a goal. But the people, who play and coach field hockey, know it is a lot more complicated than that. There is a lot more to the game that could help define the sport of field hockey.

Many people think field hockey is related to ice hockey just because in both sports you use a stick and the word hockey are in both words. But actually there are lots more differences than similarities. In field hockey you can only use one side of the stick, but in ice hockey you can use both. Also in field hockey the ball can't touch your feet or shins, but in ice hockey that is allowed. Next, in field hockey you have eleven players including the goalie on the field at one time, but in ice hockey you have six players including the goalie on the ice at the same time.

Lastly, in field hockey you play the game on a field, but in ice hockey you play on ice. I think that that is the biggest and most obvious difference.

The definition of the word field hockey is, a game played on turf in which two opposing teams use curved sticks to drive a ball into a goal. That definition of field hockey just proves the concept of the sport. But if you look deeper into the meaning of field hockey, you will find a whole new meaning. What field hockey really is, is a sport filled with skill, focus, and most of all teamwork. If you did not have any skill then you would not be able to play the game, because you would not be able to score or defend your goal. Also you need focus because the rules in field hockey are not easy to grasp. Lastly, you need teamwork because field hockey is a sport that is played with yourself and a group of girls.

Finally, when I asked my coach, Coach McAndrews, what she thought field hockey meant she said many interesting and important ideas. One idea she really emphasized on was teamwork. She thinks that a team will not succeed if the team does not work together. She always uses the expression, "a team is only as strong as its weakest link." I agree with that statement one hundred percent. Another meaning she said was that a field hockey team needs skill and talent. Like all sports you don't usually become perfect at a sport over night. In order to become good at field hockey or any other sport you need to practice and make your skill and talent more advanced.

In conclusion, you can see that field hockey is a lot more in-depth than the dictionary definition. You have read that there is a lot more to the sport than its concept. So I hope from reading this essay you have learned a whole new meaning of the sport field hockey.