Field Study Report

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Field Study Report

In the field study report the class was broken down into four groups, parking lot, grass, forest, and shrub areas. In this study students were asked to take 20 minutes out of every lab period and make a one meter plot that all measurements will be taken from. This one meter area represents our entire sub-plot. Then students were asked to take readings in their perspective sub-plots. The students were asked to record four temperature readings, (2 meters, above the ground, 15 cm. above the ground, ground level, and 15 cm. below ground level). In addition to the temperature readings students were also asked to observe humidity readings ( 2 meters above ground level and ground level ), wind speed and direction, depth of ground litter and the condition of the near by trees, I.E. percent covered by leaves, color of leaves etc.

In addition to temperature and humidity and wind direction students were also were asked to examine faunal observations, that is animals and their signs , when they are found and what activities they are doing. ( feeding, resting, etc. ) This field study and all of the readings are important in making detailed reasons for undertaking such a study . With the temperature readings you can find the temperature differences in certain areas and what effects it has on the environment . With the humidity readings you can find the humidity effects animals, plant growth, and tree growth. With the animal observations you can see what animals live in which sub-plot. Finally with the faunal observations you can see what plants and animals live in certain sub-plots. This experiment is taking place in western Massachusetts, at Westfield State College the start of the experiment...