The Field Trip Gone Bad

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The Field Trip Gone Bad

A memorable experience that took place in my earlier life was when I was in Junior High School. For our class field trip our teacher took us to the State House, which turned into a chaotic experience because the students didn't like the fact that they were going to a federal building just to see pictures of previous presidents or hear someone talk about the different roles people carry inside. It sounded pretty boring to us. The teacher had so much enthusiasm to see the famous statues and pictures inside such as the previous models of the state house in how it went through so many changes, etc. The tour guide that was showing us around the building lost her patience at some point with the boisterous students, because they started getting very disrespectful. They started to walk around without any adult supervision; some started listening to their headphones, others talking out of order, and swearing amongst themselves; just basically being rude.

The tour guide tried to put on a serene face, which it did not work, because she got so frustrated with our behavior. She then made a decision to discontinue our tour of the State House.

Our teacher Mrs. Suffolk gave a droopy sigh when she was told this. When we returned to our school bus she began to yell at us because she was very angry.

One of the students had said an impulsive remark, which had got him in trouble. He said, "Why don't you just sit down an stop yapping your mouth". While the teacher was correcting us, the conscientious bus driver didn't mind her because he was paying close attention to the road, not wanting to get involved. Some students were telling her to compose herself, like "Mrs.