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Today I will be talking about the Fifa World Cup! The FIFA world cup is a soccer tournament held every four years. It is the most prestigious soccer championship. The equivalent of the World Cup is ice hockey in the Olympics. Players play on their regular league teams, then during the Olympics or World Cup; players may be chosen to represent their country.

The World Cup has thirty-two teams. Teams all over the world compete in qualification matches. The thirty-two teams that qualify are randomly divided into eight divisions with four teams in each division. Each team will face every team in their division once, for a total of three games each. A team gets three points for a win, one point for a tie and no points for a loss. After the three games, the points are totaled up and the top two teams in each division moves on to round two.

If there is a tie when the points are totaled up, the team with the most goals scored gets the extra tie-breaking point.

During round two there are sixteen teams left in the tournament. It is predetermined that the winner of a division will face the second place team of another division, starting a tournament bracket. There is only one match per team in this round. If the match is a tie, the two teams will go to a shootout and whoever scores the most goals in five shots, wins the game. The winner proceeds to round three.

Round three has eight teams remaining. This round is the same as the previous round except with fewer teams. Each team has one match and the winner continues to the next round. The same rules as in round two apply if there is a tie.

Round four has...