Fifth Business: Parent Relationships

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Fifth Buisness: Parent Relationships Dunny "Parent Relationships"� Dunny's mother leads a very controlling relationship with her son. She basically shows her love for him by controlling him. Because of this control over Dunny, he looses trust in her, and begins to doubt her love for him after the event that took place when she beat him. When she pushes his to take care of Mrs.Depmster, what she does not know is that she is pushing him into a new "mother-son relationship"� kind of deal with Mrs. Dempster.

Dunny does not really see Mrs. Dempster as a mother but as a role model. She is a very unique and good person too him, maybe which he is looking for in a mother like figure. As he triesd to prove she is a saint Padre explains that he needs to first figure out what she really means to him personally in his life.

She was the one who appeared to him as a Madonna not his mother.

Also when Dunny's parents died he felt it as a release from the control hios mother had over him. He did not need to be a mama's boy anymore. He could finally be a man Dunny's father did not not care about Dunny and did not approve of his leaving into the army, but at the same time he didn't stop him, nor did he let his wife stop him. He knew Dunny needed to grow up, and be away from the control of his mother and on be on his own, and if this was the way, so be it Pauls Relationships Paul's relationship with his mother was obviously not a very good one. She had bore him prematurely, and at the same time he was not ready to come out she was not ready to be a mother. As Mary really tried to be a good mom she just could not cut it. There was not real bond between them as Mary went simple after the birth of Paul. Paul basically resented his mother, as was evident when he ran away and never came back to see her after Dunny told him she was in a mental hospital. This resentment was associated with guilt as he felt he was the cause of her madness when he was born. It was really hard for them to make any type of bond, as she was not even there the first few months, the most crucial part of a bay's life, though Mrs. Ramsay was.

Mrs. Ramsay was also another important parent like figure in Paul's life. Firstly he basically owes his life to her as she was the one to help bring him in to the world and she made sure he survived his stay, during the first couple of months. She was the one who nursed his to becoming a normal (not premature) child. This is the most crucial time in a baby's life and this was when Mrs.Ramsay was there for Paul.

The Rebellious Nature of Children against their Parents Dunny became rebellious against his parents, more so his mother after the egg incident took place when Mrs. Ramsay beat him. He began to doubt her love. Also at the same time he was not allowed to see Mary any more who was now almost like his mother. The reason was because his own mother made him choose between him or Mary, since they were both important, he choose no one and rebelled against both and left and enlisted into the army. The army was pretty much a safehaven for Dunny where he could get out of his mother's control, and be on his own. Also it is evident that his mother became jealous in a way of Mary because she was becoming more and more closer with her son in ways that Mrs. Ramsay could not and would not because it was just the kind of person she was. Though Dunny did not really like his mother she was still his mother so he could not really not choose her, so he didn't choose any one The nbext rebellious act was by Paul. He tran away from home at the age of 9 after amasa dies from the flu epidemic. Paul at this age must have already been very wise as he has gone through do much during his young boyhood. Also his father was a pretty smart man, who ould have taught him a lot. Besides the point Paul was resentful of his mther and her actions and did not feel he had any type of bond with her, so he decided to run away. When he joined the circus it was like he was joining a new family. A place where he felt cared about, even though he was used by the man who mollested him during the first couple of year in the circus.