"The Fifth Business" by Robertson Davies.

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The Fifth Business: Magic vs. Religion

Magic and religion are two very different things, the words are antithesis. They oppose each other because religion is against magic. Religion is based on treating people the way they deserve to be treated and worshipping the Lord, magic is based on trickery or supernatural ways. In the Fifth Business, Dunstan doesn't take part in the supernatural part of magic, he takes part in the deceitful part of it. This brings a few questions, what is the difference between religion and magic? If Dunstan is so into magic, is religion so important to him? What is Leisl's affect on Dunstan's spirituality? What better way to write about religion and magic than using the book that founds our religion, the Bible.

The Difference Between Magic and Religion

Religion is a very important part of day to day life. Religion is defined as the beliefs and behaviours people use to deal with things beyond rational explanation, or belief in the supernatural.

In a way, magic can be defined the same way. Religion is a belief system. Myths and legends explain the way society acts (our Bible). Religion uses rituals to carry out beliefs and sacrifices. Religion provides comfort in belief in supernatural aid (from God). Religion provides the difference between right and wrong (10 Commandments). It also explains the unknown and maintains social solidarity (the Church).

Magic is different. Magic is not Devine, it derives from Man and Man is sinful:. Magic attempts to manipulate the forces of nature to benefit the one practising it. It can be religious because of it's belief system is about Power relating People and Nature.

Magic is a sort of everything, as this quote informs us. Magic is also mentioned in the Bible as "evil" and against God.