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Detective File Report #25231

The mysterious death of Boy Staunton was a nine days wonder. On November 4, 1968, at approximately 4am, me and Murdock had arrived at the Toronto Harbours. Our arrival was made possible by some witnesses that saw a Cadillac Convertible driving at a highspeed into the waters, at which it sank about twenty feet from the concrete pier. We found his hands so tightly gripped to the wheels the local police had to pry it off. One thing that hinged my curiousity, was the stone found in Stauntons mouth. We had no idea what it was at first, just looked like a pinkish granite about half the size of a small egg. We later brought it to the lab and processed it back to a simple stone.

Had there been someone else in that car with him? If so, why the stone? Could it have represented some sort of gang symbol? I've checked with all local authorities and there are no gangs with a stone symbol, nor had there been any other homicide with a stone in the victim's mouth.

This became a symbolic death, I just have to figure out whether it is a homicide or a suicide.

Me and Murdock and each taken our own seperate routes, questioning people who knew Staunton personally, I took family and friends, and Murdock took business partners. My first encounter was with Boy's second wife, Denyse Staunton, the wife of the next Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario. To my surprise, She showed very little emotion, mostly socializing with guests and a quick disgruntled mirk at whom I later found out to be, Dunstan Ramsay. From the guests at the funeral, I'm told that Ramsay rejected Denyse's offer of writing Staunton's biography. This also caught my attention and I needed...