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”Can a bra kill you? Do you know that “Wearing Bra” will affect your health issue? According to Sidney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer in their “Dressed to Kill”, there are 3/4 chances for women who are wearing bras more than 24 hours per day will get breast cancer easily. Besides, they also stated that women who are wearing bras more than 12 hours per day (not including sleeping) will have 1/7 risks to get breast cancer. However, women who are wearing bras less than 12 hours per day only have 1/52 risks and women who are rarely or never wear bras just have 1/168 chance of getting breast cancer.

Based on the statements above, wearing bras is a factor that may cause breast cancer. Breast cancer is the winner of ‘top killer disease’ for Malaysian women. How does wearing bras lead to this disease? Some researches mentioned that bras can cause breast congestion and affect the lymphatic circulation of the breast.

For example, when we drink and eat, the toxins in the foods and drinks will inhale and absorb into our skin. Then, it will store as fat cells. As an acknowledgement, our breasts are made of breast tissues and fats. Therefore, if the constriction of garment happens, it will affect and slow down the lymphatic circulation.

Female tend to wear bras that do not fit their body well. This situation mainly occurs in youngster. They like to wear tight, fashionable bras especially those constricting with underwire to make them look sexy. However, most of them do not realize that these bras are harmful. Lymphatic circulation is highly dependent on the body movement. Wearing tight bras can prevent normal lymphatic flow and could lead to anoxia which the oxygen content is lower than the normal rate and is related to fibrosis. The risk of getting breast cancer may increase if tight bras are worn continuously for a long period.

Besides, wearing bras will increase the breast’s temperature. Breasts are external organs which have a naturally lower temperature. During the breast’s monthly temperature cycle, the temperature of the breasts will change. The change in temperature alters the functions of hormones, particularly the female hormones (estrogen and progesterone), which are produced during the menstrual cycle. Wearing bras will also cause the breast’s temperature change. The increase of the breast’s temperature activates the hormones’ functions. This means that the estrogen and progesterone circulate in the bloodstream. They can attach to breast cancer cells and stimulate tumor growth. This leads to a higher risk of getting breast cancer. This is because breast cancer is hormone-dependent especially estrogen. This is because estrogen is the major promoter of cell growth in hormone-dependent breast cancer.

On the other hand, bras apparently cause other health problems. According to Alternative Health & Rehab. Centre (PLLC), 85% of women wear bras without considering their bodies needs and shape. Wearing the wrong bras affect their back, neck, arm, shoulder and posture problem.

Firstly, shoulder pain occurs when wearing bras with inappropriate designs. When bras are not properly fitted, the weight of the breast will shift to the shoulder straps. The shoulders bare more pressure when the use of thin straps such as spaghetti straps. The pressure is concentrated on the trapezius muscle and this may lead to neck and shoulder pain, numbness and tingling in the arm and headache. Besides, bras which are design in “square frame” will also cause shoulder pain. All dimensions of these bras are adjusted according to the woman’s standing position. This situation happens mainly to women who perform activity which requires them to lift their arms above the shoulders because it is anchored by the chest band and the pressure is concentrated on the shoulder trapezius muscles.

Secondly, wearing the wrong size bras can lead to back pain especially to women who have large breast. This is because the bras are insufficient to support their breast. Bra fitting experts stated that overestimating the width of women’s back and underestimating the cup size will cause the breasts weight carried by the shoulders and not supporting the chest. Hence, it will cause back pain. Moreover, the straps of a fitted bra should not slip off the shoulder and the back of the bra should not ride up. As a matter of fact, breast should support by the band around the rib cage and not by the shoulder straps. The support by the band around the rib cage prevents the bras from slipping when wearers are moving around. However, some unusually large breasted women face upper back, shoulder and back pain which lead them to seek for breast reduction surgery.

Last but not least, wearing bras that are not well fitted will also lead women to ptosis disease. When women wear bras that are not suitable, they found that their breasts will become larger and lower with the under bust and over bust measurement decreasing. This means that the lowest point of the breast move downwards and outwards. According to the Health professionals, there is no evidence shows that wearing bras can slower the ptosis of breasts whereas it affects the shape of breasts. Some elder women and those with larger breasts will take the normal anatomical support to reduce their sagging problem. This is an inadequate way.

Women’s breasts have no muscle and need to help out by the pectoral muscle which is the chest’s muscle. The extra support for women’s breast is wearing a good bra. Thus, Bra-Vo has introduced “Wellness Bra”. “Wellness Bra” supports women’s breast and reduce the chances of breast sagging. In addition, “Wellness Bra” focuses more on the design of bra cups to redistribute excess fats and bulges from the sides of the armpits. This helps to form a well shaped breast. Unlike other bras, “Wellness Bra” gives support to the breasts through beneath and not through the bra straps.

Bra-Vo’s “Wellness Bra” Spokesperson, Dato’ Michelle Yeoh Choo Kheng said that she was very satisfied about her body shape and have more confidence after wearing “Wellness Bra”. She said that “Wellness Bra” had improved her breast’s shape effectively. This is because the cups of “Wellness Bra” can lift up her breasts and prevent it from slack and droopy. Moreover, the back sides of “Wellness Bra” that she worn was parallel with the front. The pictures shown below are the photos taken before and after wearing “Wellness Bra”.

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