Fight against Modern Day Slavery

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Nothing is more disturbing than the documented history of the way humans have horribly treated other humans. In Stephen Spielberg's film the "Amistad", he tells the story of a group of Africans in 1839 who are illegally sold into slavery and then rebelled against their capturers. The Africans go through many obstacles such as dealing with the unfamiliar language barrier and trying to learn the American court system as their fate and freedom is on the line. Most people think that this issue of slave trading is a thing of the past. It is not.

Slave trading and human trafficking is a major current global issue that is happening in today's modern society and is a quickly growing problem. Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children are trafficked illegally each year. It is believed that these individuals are only looking for an escape from extreme poverty as they are made false and inaccurate promises of greater opportunities.

In many cases the children are often "sold" by unsuspecting parents who believe their children are going to be looked after, learn a trade or be educated. Slave trading and human trafficking is feed by the supply of victims seeking to migrate and the demand for sexual and other services that provide economic profits for trafficking.

These people are economically, sexually and physically exploited. Young women and teenagers are often lured into prostitution rings by advertisements for domestic positions abroad and find themselves bought and sold via catalogues or by close family members. Once enslaved, the women are often beaten and raped before being traded from one master or brothel owner to the next, and they are worked up to 18 hours in one day. They are at the mercy of the brothel owner, finding themselves illegally without a passport in...