A fight Against Nature by Mark Arsenault

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The cold numb feeling was freezing every part of me as I sat quietly inside the car that was twirling in the middle of the highway. Sitting there and patiently waiting for the airbag to explode and cover me as if it was my mom’s arms took some fear out of me but my body still shivered as if there would be no tomorrow. Even though it’s been almost four years, I can still recall that day as clear as crystal, yet most of me wished it would just turn into thin air and disappear. As I sit still today, I think of what would have happened to me if I had lost a loved one in that incident. That night made me realize about two important concepts in life. First, to respect what we have and make the best of our time because we never know when life can take it all away and second, to respect nature because when nature prevails itself, it can either kill us or save us.

My hands were shivering as I went to go lock my front door, as I was turning the key I felt a large breeze of air pushing me back as if god himself did not want me to leave. As I moved towards the car I felt as if something was weird, it seemed as if I had a déjà vu but I assumed that it was because of the fact that I did not eat anything the entire day. Slowly I opened the door to the car and sat in the front seat, as I sat down I heard a man on the radio saying that “today would be the best day we are going to experience the entire winter”, hearing that made everyone glad as we left towards Ottawa. With time we realized that the experience we were going to have is not going to be the best but the worst.

As time passed we headed towards Ottawa, leaving the house behind and not knowing what to expect next. While blasting the music in the car I thought about how great this weekend would be and how much fun were going to have with the beautiful weather. At first everything seemed to be perfect as my dad was cruising along the smooth pavement at 110 km/hr but then things begun to change when the car started making a very soft yet annoying sound, hearing the sound my dad pulled over. Being on the side of the highway and staring out the window amazed me because I saw hundreds of cars going by every second. Watching the cars fly by fascinated me but at the same time they also terrorized me, while I sat still I thought about how one of the car might crash into our and destroy us all, thinking that I fell asleep.

As I was sleeping I felt someone tapping my shoulder. The feeling of that tapping on the shoulder made me get up and as I looked over I saw my dad standing still saying “wake up Ankit, wake up”. Hearing the sound I woke up and as I looked up at the sky I saw total darkness and I noticed that I had been sleeping for three hours. As I walked towards Pizza Hut to eat I felt small water drops falling on my head and hands, at first I thought it was a small drizzle of snow that would stop in a few minutes but later I figured that the snow would get worse. As we finished eating we saw large amounts of snow falling on the road and making the roads more slippery. As I walked back to the car I looked into my mom’s eyes and noticed that there had been something frightening she saw, perhaps it was the large amounts of snow, I thought. Disregarding the snow we kept going and driving at high speeds towards Ottawa.

At first everything seemed so beautiful because the pellets of snow slowly fell upon one another but with time they started getting bigger and bigger just like the terror in my mom’s eyes. Giving my mom sympathy and telling her we are going to make it to Ottawa safely helped her to calm down but there was still some terror that I could see. Talking to my mom surely made her feel better but at the same time it distracted my dad. When my dad had gotten distracted he lost his controls on the car which caused it to go out of control and twirl around in the middle of the highway.

Luckily, when the car was twirling in the middle of the highway there was not a lot of traffic so the ones behind the car had stopped. However, other cars on the side of the highway kept going; as I stood in the front seat tightly gripping my belt I thought to myself that I would never see a tomorrow. As the car slid I looked at my family because they were the last people I would see before the airbag would explode and take me far away from this planet.

My nerves were popping out of my skin as I held the grip tightly. Looking out the front window and watching cars drive by scared me even more because I knew if any one of those cars were to crash into ours then our chances of survival would be very low. As I sat still in the car I thought about how I would die, would it be in the hospital or would it be a simple death. At that moment my thoughts were not very positive and all that went through my mind was one question. Would I live or die? But believing in myself I decided to face my fear and bring back my senses just like my dad. Once my dad had gotten his senses back he had shifted the car into lower gear and pressed on the break frequently which eventually made the car stop. My dads consciousness gave me a second life and made me learn some important concepts that I would have never understood if I hadn’t been a part of that incident.

As time passed my wounds healed but the incident left me with a scar that may never be removed. Now that I look at my car I can recall those exact moments that made me more fearless. I have now learned that people should never challenge nature because nature can easily make a dramatic change and kill us all.