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Fight Club By: Chuck Palahniuk The narrator is sitting in a chair on the top floor of a giant downtown office building while Tyler Durden is shoving the barrel of his gun in the mouth of the narrator. Buildings are blowing up and collapsing outside and chaos is breaking loose. The narrator can hear the crashes as the members of project mayhem are throwing file cabinets and computers out the windows on the floors below him and Tyler. All that is going through the narrator's mind is "How did I get to this point?" as he prepares for the building he is in to blow up like the others.

The narrator was having problems sleeping, he had seen the doctors many times but they told him nothing was wrong. All he wanted was some medicine so he can just go to sleep. That was a few years ago, ever since then he has been going to support groups.

Brain parasites, testicular cancer, and many are the groups he goes to, just to get a few hours of sleep. What he needs to do is cry, just let himself hit bottom and cry on the shoulders of the people at the groups. This is how he met Marla Singer.

The narrator works for a company that inspects car malfunctions and recalls if it is cheap and easy, because it costs less. He travels from city to city by plane hoping that one day the plane he's on will crash. Then met Tyler at a nude beach, Tyler asked him for the time, they became friends and narrator got his business card with his number. Tyler worked as a film projectionist and was a banquet waiter at a downtown hotel at night.

When the narrator returned from a business trip he finds...