The fight for equality.

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Racial inequality ran rampant in the Northern states as well as in the South during the late 1960's. It was a different kind of racism though. The segregation in the Northern states differed in the fact that it wasn't printed on signs saying, "white only", more that it was ingrained into the system of society and became a part of everyday life. It affected where African Americans could live, work, how much political power they held within society, and affected them on a personal level as they felt the racial discrimination and dealt with the injustice of racism. There were many movements that helped make the tide change for African Americans living in the Northern states. One of these movements was the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. The Black Panther Party organized to try to fight against the racial segregation in the North and to help achieve the equality they deserved.

They worked on fixing the problem on two levels. They helped politically by marching on the capital to protest, as well as making a huge difference on a personal level for African Americans, taking back the streets from the police and organizing many events to help their communities. They were only one of many groups, but their impact was still strongly felt and they did a lot to fight the segregation and racism in the North.

Racism and segregation in the North took place on a less obvious level. There were no blatant signs, stores and restaurants were integrated but racism still ran rampant within the Northern states. One of the major forms of racism that took place was housing segregation. Housing segregation left the African American community living on one side of town and the white community living on the other. This happened for many...