The Fight of the Original Americans

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The Fight of the Original Americans

There are a lot of people which represent the minority population these days and they are not always represented in a good light. At times the media seem to purposely degrade and stereotypical certain groups of people who can not speak for themselves. The Native American is one of those minorities in which the media has exploited for years. It does matter how race is represented in the media, and the fact that there is a lack of a biological basis for racial difference should raise a fundamental questions. It is not a mystery as to why certain groups are exploited in society and others are not. The media seem to take for granted its power to stereotype the Indian population of America in the news media and not allow them their ability to portray themselves in the way they choose.

When one investigate the problem with the media stereotyping a group the psychological effect of being stereotyped has to be factored in. This country has nationally stereotyped the image of the American Indian by using symbols that promote racial discrimination. The struggle against racism in America is learned with hatred and disrespect being the product. America has been responsible for educational efforts as well which is a major issue of racial stereotyping of the Indian community. One will see how the American Indian has been discriminated against in the media and throughout the history of American society.

Thousands of years before the Europeans arrived in America, the land was ruled by a diverse culture known as the American Indians. These people were the first inhabitants of the American continents. This beautiful way of life was entirely crushed by one thing the invasion of European culture. Throughout the years the...