The Fight for Racial Equality.

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The Fight for Racial Equality

COMM 315

For Liberty and Justice for all

Race relations are an ever-present issue in any community, especially one that encompasses people from so many backgrounds. Since the announcement of the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 the African American race has been fighting for racial equality in many walks of life. The Jim Crow laws that were implemented in the south only further delayed the progress of racial equality. The majority of Jim Crow laws discriminated specifically against African Americans

The African American race has endured less than humane treatment in many aspects since arriving in the United States against their own will as slaves. Many African American's that lived in the south 30, 40 and 50 years ago lived a life of fear from the stories of beatings, lynching's and other various hate crimes that regularly took place in the deep south.

These less than humane examples of treatment haven't helped the race overcome the as these contextual prejudices. Further more this has caused some members of the African American race to become rebellious against anyone who they deem as the cultural norm.

Besides blatant discrimination, many blacks feel the brunt of more subtle discrimination on a daily basis. New forms of discrimination and exclusion are appearing which are poised to jeopardize the gains stemming from past efforts. We must renew our approaches and strategies in order to respond more effectively to these phenomena. In the face of these diverse forms of extremism, which are raising new barriers between individuals and between cultures, it is increasingly a matter of urgency to mobilize, together, against the destructive forces of racism, racial discrimination

Race relations are regulated by laws which require employers to have race relations policies, and, since recently expect written statement...