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Fight Club The movie I watched was Fight Club. Fight Club is about a businessman that struggles with insomnia and isn't pleased with his job. L Through his stress and feelings of loneliness he unknowingly makes an imaginary friend named Tyler Darden. Tyler is all in his imagination, but through Tyler he is able to express his suppressed feelings and express how he wishes he really were. Not only does Tyler struggle from schizophrenia, he also struggles with being an obsessive-compulsive.

The movie starts out showing how Jack is tired of his job. Jacks job is to travel around to check on different car wrecks to see how many recalls need made. This job seems to eat at him because of his knowledge of how many wrecks happen because the company he works for messed up on the way they made the vehicle. Jack struggles with desiring to die and try's to experience others pain by going to different support groups including: AAA, Sickle cell, Tuberculosis, Blood parasite, and more.

When his apartment burns down he goes into shock and turns to the only person he knows to turn to, Tyler Darden. When Jack meets with Tyler, Tyler says its just fine for him to stay with him. As Tyler and jack come to know each other better they decide to start a fight club. As the fight club grows it quickly becomes a "tightly regimented organization with many different cells, capable of operating completely independent of central leadership." Tyler is the head and Jack helps make a lot of the decisions. Most of the acts of violence start in Chicago and move towards the other bigger cities. The ultimate plan of the Organization is to bomb twelve different credit card buildings that contain the accounts to everyone's credit...