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Ben was a really thin teenager. He had burnished dark hair and sharp blue eyes. He was slender and gangly. He had a pale face that always had a frightened look when he was with people. Alone he highlighted the perfection of his face strikingly when he lost the look of anxiety. The isolation and abandonment he had suffered at young age explained his lack of communication with others. Adults considered him as a deprived child who was haunted by fear. His peers however saw him as a quiet freak that they could mould into a spineless person. He was their meat and they stabbed and injured his confidence. It was from their cruelty that he became a lonesome person. Inside he was truly beautiful like anyone else. He only thrived for the love he had never received.

He lived with his aunt who couldn't reach out and touch his heart.

He was not an ungrateful person and did his best to be courteous to her. Ms Griffith was a lonely person. She had taken him in out of pity but throughout the years had grown to love him. She was not one who could express her feelings clearly but it was obvious she was fond of him. They lived right near a private beach. Ms Griffith knew Mr Holden the owner and her nephew enjoyed the privilege of using the beach. She never really understood why he loved the beach so much. It was like his second home.

He stared transfixed at the picture. She was beautiful. The most beautiful creature he had ever set his eyes upon. Her hair was a thick, long, blond white rope that hung smoothly. Her eyes were like pale chips of blue ice. They had such intensity that they reminded...