Fighting the child labor, the economic point of view.

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Fighting the child laborOne of the biggest world wide problems is child labor. It puts children in danger and keeps them from an education. This problem is widespread and most often than not invisible in big industries such as agriculture and textiles, especially in poor countries.

Child labor exists because it’s the best answer people can come up with for unacceptable dilemmas. It is typically very dangerous for a child to do labor work in the environments they are required to do it in, not to mention cruel. It effects the children’s well being as well as the child’s future. One of the other reasons child labor exists it is because an associated reduction in investment in the child’s human capital that occurs mostly because child labor interferes with education. (Udry, 2).

The ILO (International Labor Organization) has estimates that nearly 250 million children between five and fourteen are involved in child labor.

These children are forced to work long hours with little to no pay. They work in harsh environments where they sometimes starve and subject to abuse. Child labor came about in the early ages in agriculture societies but as technology became better and better they were put to other duties such as the industrial industries.

In many countries there is no consideration for the child’s safety or health when they are subjecting children to this. Some countries however consider it inappropriate if a child below a certain age works labor. This age is dependent on the country they live in.

As previously stated, a lot of the dangerous work that is forced upon child labor is in agriculture. In South America almost 250 million children up to the ages of fourteen years old. Child labor is a big part in Southern America, where almost 26%...