Fighting Fire, by Caroline Paul, is a biography about the triumphs and struggles she faced in her first year as a female firefighter.

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Fighting Fire

Once Caroline Paul was out of college, she had no idea what she truly wanted to do with her life, until she stumbled into the career of a fire fighter. Fighting Fire is an autobiography written by Caroline Paul. It tells the stories of her struggles and accomplishments in becoming one of the first women fire fighters on the San Diego Fire Department. She achieved this by being a strong, focused, and dedicated individual.

This autobiography takes place in San Diego, in the early 1980's. Caroline had just graduated Stanford University. She was very intelligent and would most likely succeed in any career she choose, however finding the perfect career was challenging for her. She first wanted to take a career path in journalism, which was what her degree in Stanford was for. She had a part time job at a local radio station where she would read news briefs about once an hour.

During this job she had learned a few things about the San Diego Fire Department. Most news tidbits about them were about how the squad was sexist and didn't think females would be able to make the squad.

One day at the gym while Caroline was working out, a man approached her and gave her a flyer. It was for an interest meeting for all females who were curious about joining the San Diego Fire Department. The department had been getting too many complaints about them being prejudiced about women joining the squad, and people were starting to threat them with lawsuits. They then decided to hold a meeting for women interested in hopes to add a couple women onto the squad. Caroline decided to attend just out of curiosity. After the meeting Caroline was contacted and asked to take...