Fighting Obesity in Kids

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1. I think that the campaign should focus primarily on kids because that is whom the CDC is targeting. The parents are not the demographic in this study. The kids are part of an age cohort meaning that for the most part they are all involved in the same activities and experiencing the same kinds of things. The parents of this targeted audience are in a completely different generation and have grown up in a completely different atmosphere than that of what their children are experiencing. The appropriate balance among the campaign is should be focused mainly on the kids with a little involvement with the parents. Maybe this could include involving the parents in some of the activities that it will suggest. Maybe have some aspect to which the kids can even educate the parents to their lives. Either way, if this campaign is supposed to focus on the kids, then it should focus on the matter at hand.

2. I believe that the positive approach is better in a situation like this simply because it is about kids getting outside and being productive. I don't think it would help at all to show a kid sitting in front of a television set, playing a video game, and eating a bowl of ice cream. This kid would not be jumping up and down with a smile on his/her face having fun with a bunch of friends. This brings us to the idea of modeling. Modeling occurs when a child learns appropriate, or inappropriate, consumption behaviors by observing others. These kids are looking for role models.

3. One positive-lifestyle ad that I would use to encourage physical activity would the ad for a Kick-It. This was that little plastic thing that a kid puts around their ankle and there is...