figurative language and literative language

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Literal language versus Figurative language


Literal language versus Figurative language


Talking about the literal language and figurative language or you can say that literal language and figurative language is a differentiation in traditional system for examining language. First of all, we are going to talk about the literal language. This literal language basically has concerns with that words that do not vary from their specific, fixed, specified meaning, determined and you can also covered literal language, just like word to the meaning of word and thus saying is called literal meaning. Now, we are talking about the figurative language that this concerns and deviates to that type of couple of words who exaggerate, amplify or enlarge the common and usual meanings of those same words. Now, moving again towards the figurative language and in this there is an involvement of some sort of analogy. Some contexts and sometimes the words that have same concepts may be involved on the other statements.

Sometimes, if you will talk about learning point of view then figurative language can be unmanageable and hard for the students, and the students like who are mentally retarded or abnormal student. The figurative language is applied on the students; who are abnormal, less power of understanding, disability of holding the things and those who are having disorder in their minds, so these students understand with some time. Sometimes they get confuse that what to do or what not to. Even some times they need a support for somebody, who can help them. This all happens when the figurative language is applied. This is why all these changes, modifications, alterations, revisions and adjustments are basically known as figures of speech and for the children figurative language and figures of speech is very abstract.


When we discuss...