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Essay by aznrocks June 2006

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File extension indicates the location of the file format. Computer users apply it as a direction as to which application software to open to display the format. With the file extensions, windows uses a file association list to help users open their files without first starting the application. Also the application software can prevent you from going through all the files to look for the correct file. Even though using a file extension is a best way to locate your file, but the extension could be changed. The format of the file usually includes a header, data, and sometimes an end-of-file marker. The header allows the computers to predict the file format. Every software program consists of an .exe file extension. When you open a file to edit from a software application, you are working on a temporarily copy of the file, and the original copy has still been saved by the system.

Being able to recognize the most popular file extensions is very handy for all the users. If there are times when you can't open a file, for example from an email, the file could either be corrupted or file extension had been changed or your software doesn't have the capability to open that particular file. To open a certain file extension, you need to have software that provides instructions for the computers to know how to work with the file. To convert a file from a format to another, you need to find an application that can work with both formats.

Some things I learned from this article are the lists of the file extensions. I didn't know that there were so many of them that are being used. I also learned that a software program consists of at least an .exe file extension, and...