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ID: 308 Section E7.

"Provide one example of a setting where one of business model innovations discussed in class can have, or has already had, a game changing disruptive impact. Opportunities which are novel unique, not mentioned in the class or in the book are preferred. State clearly the context, provide the traditional way of doing business, provide the innovation you have in mind and make a logical argument on why this could be game changing. You can use any of the cases or examples used in class to provide comparison or reference.

Context (industry, relevant economic features):

Traditional Way:

New Way:

Why this could be game changing (demand or supply point of view):"

Context: Navigation industry.

Traditional Way: The traditional way involves applications that give directions between two points based on distance, traffic etc.

New Way: While this is useful, I think in areas that are extremely prone to changes in weather, driving directions should be customized based on weather changes.

I cannot recollect the number of times I have driven into a snowstorm or heavy rain when living in the United States. Having a live application where users could input information that would be relevant to drivers following on the same route would feed into a navigation system that would track weather data. This live time experience would ensure that drivers have both weather and user inputted data pertaining to the route on which they are traveling. So for instance if was on Inter State 95 going to Washington from Atlanta, travelers coming from Atlanta could input information pertaining to road blocks etc. This combined with anticipated weather changes would be used to optimize my route of travel.

This would be game changing because people's experiences would be more optimized and they could better plan...