Filling a Complaint wtth the EEOC

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Scenario -

John is an employee in a shoe warehouse. During a routine day John is confronted by his employer and told that he will be fired at the end of the week because at his age of 50 he is unable to keep up lifting heavy boxes of shoes.

John feels that he has been discriminated in his employment and he wants to place a official complaint against his employer. John is not able to sue his employer until the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is informed and conducts an investigation. John has a time frame to place his complaint of 180 days because his incident is not pay related.

As John reports the violation he must included the following information, his name, address, and telephone number. John must include the name address and telephone number of the employer, a short report of the discriminating incident with the specific date that it was committed.

This violation may be reported by mail or in any local office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission upon receiving the reported violation will then conduct an investigation. The first step of the investigation is to decide if the allegation is in fact a violation of discrimination. An employer may not discriminate against age, sex, race, nationality, religion. If it is determine to be a violation the EEOC will then precede the investigation to establish if the violation has in fact occurred.

The EEOC may visit the place of employment during the investigation. They may conduct interviews with other employees, or go though documents and search records. If the EEOC concludes that the charges are not a valid violation then the charges are dismiss and both the complaint party and the employer are given records of the investigation. The complainant can...