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Raymond Miller 10/11/2014 Film Analysis 200 Jim Zimmerman

Blade Runner Analysis

The film I have chosen to analyze is Blade runner, shown in class on September 29th. This film caught my attention for a few reasons. It was made in 1982 and it predicts what the future of 2020 will look like. The movie takes place in a monstrosity of the city of Los Angeles. The city is screaming with massive sky scrapers and billboards. There are both vehicles that fly and drive on the ground. It also places focus on the streets of the city. The streets were a dark rainy places, almost seemed to be an urban jungle. All of these visual effects were incredible but they almost distract you from the message of the movie.

What is the filmmaker trying to communicate? There are a lot of visual distractions in this film but when I put them all aside there were a few bigger points in the movie that were being pushed my way.

The biggest point that was seen in this movie is a push on is what it means to be human. As the movie started, one of the first topics that came across was the idea of replicates. If we as humans start giving life what does that make us? In the movie we as humans had the ability to program other beings and manipulate them in the way we wanted. "If Michelangelo were alive in Ridley Scotts future world, rather than portraying God on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, he would likely paint the human creators of Tyrell Corporation" said John Whitehead of the Huffington Post. There are many conflicting ideas in this movie that suggest either humans or replicates are perceived more as human. The eternal problems in the film...