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"Mr. Death" is a documentary by Errol Morris. The documentary is about a person called Fred Leuchter. He is an engineer who has successfully invented a few execution devices. There are two parts of the documentary where the first part is more about Fred Leuchter's inventions while the second part is about him given a task to prove that Holocaust never exist.

During the first part of the documentary was quite interesting and has caught my attention. It mentions about how his inventions work and how the devices "kills" prisoners in a more humane way. Moreover, what caught my attention was that it also mentions about the process of the death penalty which is very new to me. However, the second part of the documentary which is about the Holocaust has disappointed me. It become less interesting and it shows too much of the process of experiments in the test lab.

In my opinion, both two parts of the documentary are also about some less interesting topic. However for the first part, the filmmaker successfully delivers the message in an interesting way but not for the second part.

That was about the content of the documentary. Now let me give out my opinion on the camerawork and shooting and editing techniques. Obviously there are a lot of handhelds, which stands out the reality of the documentary. The positioning of the camera is also very extraordinary. For example, there's a part in the beginning which the camera is on the bottom shooting the ceiling. There is also a scene where the camera spins around. This creates a very special effect. The most that I like is an extreme close-up shot of the coffee maker and the coffee cup. The sound effect fits perfectly with the visual too. In the...