Film Analysis of Platoon (1986)

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Film Analysis of Platoon (1986)

"Rejoice O young man in thy youth…" (Ecclesiastes). The Vietnam War was a very controversial war in which thousands of young U.S. soldier's lives were lost. It was a time when America was torn in two and the people were more concerned with skin color then those who were half way across the world fighting a war. The American people turned their backs on their own youth and tried to ignore the fact that there was a war. The U.S. soldiers put their lives on the line and in return they received nothing but negativity and hate. The film Platoon helps open America's eyes to the harsh reality of the Vietnam War and to the fear and horror the U.S. soldiers faced and how they dealt with it. Oliver Stone, the director of Platoon, does an excellent job of using the different elements of film style to bring his movie to life.

In this movie, the element of film that stands out the most and had the biggest impact is sound, which can be understood by analyzing a few different scenes containing both diegetic and non-diegetic sounds.

Platoon was released in 1986 and follows the Vietnam War through the eyes of Bravo Company in 1967. The story follows the main character Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen), a young college dropout who is unprepared for the harsh reality of Vietnam. As the movie starts, you can see Taylor's struggle as he fails in keeping up with the rest of the platoon and as he writes to his grandma about how he can't handle Vietnam for much longer. The rest of the platoon tosses Taylor around knowing he is inexperienced compared to them and of little use. Taylor's first encounter with the NVA occurs the night...