Film Analysis Review of the Gangs of New York.

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Film Analysis of

Gangs of New York

Many people do not realize the brutality people had to live through while this melting pot of a country was being forged, but in 2002, Martin Scorsese's "The Gangs of New York" revealed to America some of the ugliest histories of our country. In this epic film, Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Cameron Diaz show the audience that America is full of justified tragedies. Just as this country was born, America was baptized by fighting whatever they can to make it to the top. "The Gangs of New York" is a phenomenal documentary that creates an incredibly raw style of education about corruption in daily life in the old America, the gangs that puppeteered those lives, and the Drafts Riots of 1863. "The Gangs of New York" is not just a movie, but a truly violent document that forces you to look at America's history - and explains, in vivid detail, how and why America exists as the seemingly free and open, but conflicted and conflicting country it is today.

The opening act of this film cuts straight to the chase. Each person had it rough. They had loving families. They had strong convictions. They had bodies made of flesh and bone. They all needed to survive. The gang fights presented in this picture were not glamorous in any way, shape of form. It was very bloody, personal, and raw. The first battle begins with the new-come Irish fighting the "Native" Americans. Just as the original Americans tried to escape political and religious differences, it would naturally face them again in the New World. This film was a great art form to show that.

Life was very hard for the people living at that time. They...