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Television producers have the responsibly of making decision regarding which programs, episodes, or news segments go on the air.

Employment of producers is anticipated to rise about just as quickly as the distinctive average for all professions by 2014. The numbers of individuals who aspire to go in this profession are on the rise. Opportunities in television production offer steady employment, although it is predicted that many employees will part ways the profession later on in their careers due to the job's demanding challenges such as long hours, strict schedule and low paycheck. Job employments will be highly competitive due to the large number of highly qualified individuals. The sudden growth in cable and satellite television operation is increasing its demand for production and distribution of major studio and independent projects, and continued escalation and development of interactive media will amplify demand for producers. Employment in motion pictures and film for television is centered in New York and Hollywood.

Although in television, job opportunities are concentrated in the networks based in New York and Los Angeles. Cable television services and local television stations around the country also employ many producers.

The typical earnings of salaried producers are $46,240 in 2002. The highest salary that can be earned in a year is between $31,990 and $70,910.

There is no precise training requirement needed for television producers, only experience, talent, and good business judgment are important aspects in a producer. Having the ability to deal with many different people while under stress also is crucial. Formal training can be an immense advantage for workers in television production but most importantly, experience, talent, creativity, and professionalism are generally the most important dynamics in getting a job. Many employees in this field start out by working on documentaries, educational, industrial films or in the...