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Basics of film developing

This step, basics of film developing, is very important that can make a person

becomes a great photography. After knowing how to use the camera and how

to take the pictures, the next step is learning how to develop the film.

Although the person has a good negative; but a person doesn't have a good

develop's skill ,or doesn't know the right way about developing, how can that

person makes a good picture. He/she should know how to develop film and

how to roll the film. Basic things about how to develop the film are listed in


written by Dr.C. Wm. Horrell and Robert A.Steffes. That is

1. Turn off all the lights in the darkroom and unwind the film. (Roll

film, except 35 mm, must be separated from the protective paper). And then

unroll the paper until the end of the film is reached which is not attached to

the paper and will, therefore, form its own roll when separated.

2. Unroll until the other end is reached, which is attached to the paper

by tape. Tear film gently from the paper when loading the film onto a reel or

into a plastic apron.

3. At this point, handle film by the edges to avoid fingerprints on the

film's picture area.

4. Fingerprints inflicted by pressure or moist fingers may show up on

the negative and in the finished print.

5. To remove the film from a 35 mm cartridge, pop off the retaining

ring with a bottle opener, allowing the roll to be removed.

6. The film is now loaded on a reel. This procedure is the best learned

by practicing with a film provided for this purpose, or an uncut, discarded

strip of negetive.