Film Review: "The Fifth Element"

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The story starts in Egypt, 1914. Which is about the time of World War 1, anyway there's a professor on an archaeological find in a pyramid containing the secret kept out of mankind's hands: this secret contains the greatest weapon of all, the weapon against evil. But unfortunately the professor is not supposed to find out...

The futuristic style comes in when there is an asteroid that is huge and deadly. A group of men set out in a spaceship to destroy it sending out missiles hoping to. But all it does is make it stronger. They should have listened to the priest, and no this isn't the same priest the year is now 2414, 500 years later from the last incident.

This film is all about Good vs. Evil: Life vs. Death, well in this scenario it is. There is a mass of Evil creating the perfect plan with the dealer of evil Mr.

Shadow. And the only hope to save the world is to destroy the evil with the weapon: The Fifth element. This is the only mission for *drumroll* Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) to save the world. Korben goes from the journey of being a taxi driver to being addressed a victorious mission, saving the world from Evil and Death.

We first meet Korben in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York. He owns a cat...and various other things like trophies from the army and decorative hanging things that make sound and not forgetting the cigarette dispenser. So by this we can immediately assume that he's lonely, single and addicted to nicotine? Well you could say he is the perfect match for Leeloo (Mila Javonitch) she's something special too she's almost too 'perfect' for Korben as he states that she IS perfect.

These two love birds meet on...