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The movie The Little Big Man was a film I really liked for not only did it have a great plot but it also gave me a good sense of what it was truly like for the Native Americans. The story is Jack Crabb retelling and reflecting on his life now that he is much older and reentered the white society. Jack Crabb and his sister were captured and raised by Indians when they were taken from an overturned wagon they were living in. The film has a great plot as he is captured, brought to the tribe, slowly fits in, marries another tribe member and then she is killed. While the story seems sad it was actually great because it kept me interested the entire time.

What is interesting about this movie is it shows things mainly from the Indians perspective. This is interesting for most movies made only display Indians as crazy, malicious people.

This movie however, gives credit to the Indians and shows the cowboys and whites as those who were the instigators or reason of the battles and fights. Also in the movie it shows that Indians also thought that they were "real humans" and the whites were those that were inhumane. This was interesting for both groups both thought of them as the superior and the others were scum. At one point in the movie Little Big Man, John Crabb, was made fun by a younger tribe mate. The boy criticized Little Big Man saying he was not human for he was white. This caused a fight and Little Big Man went as far as hitting the boy. This was significant for it shows that sometimes that the Indians were responsible for the fights for it showed how the boy started one with...