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PTU means Police Tactical Unit. It was quite lame how it managed to keep me following up with the movie despite the boredom filling inside me from the slow build up and scenes that were not making sense at all.

I was glued to the tv set from the beginning part where someone was eating steamboat at a resturant. Then a group of gangster entered and they took his table. They wun be sitting long as a police officer who looked fat and quite useless entered the resturant and took over the table. That guy was a normal stereotype of officals who abuse their power of authority. Of cos, i was expecting some big fight to take over but the group of gangster just keep silent and only restort to petty payback by scratching the fatso car. The twist came when the 1st guy stabbed the gangster boss. So i thought a big fight is brewing but it never happened.

U might haf thought that the gangster boss might be dead now but he managed to set a world record for walking out of the resturant, flagged a cab and later driving it b4 crashing it and die. Wat a way to die eh

Back to fatso, his luck wasn't that good as he stepped on some banana skin and fell. The punks discovered his intended ambush and gave him a welcome beating. Simon Yam appeared at the scene after the punks left. Yes, although Simon Yam is the lead actor, this is a 2003 film. Back from the little offside, Simon Yam discovered fatso's gun is lost and the movie set on a hunt for the missing gun. Fatso got a toy as replacement while Simon Yam helped him to find it. Meanwhile, CID was investigating into the...