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A story that questions morals and integrity may sound bland and dull but oftentimes we find ourselves judging a book by its cover, I myself did the same with "The Quiz Show. Directed by Robert Redford and set in the late 1950's, "The Quiz Show" is the story of the TV trivia show Twenty-One that, along with television itself, is becoming increasingly popular. A dilemma arises when underdog lawyer (Rob Morrow) comes across evidence that leads him to believe several of the contestants are being given the answers.

What really makes this film believable is the exceptional acting performances given by Ralph Fiennes for the role of Charles Van Doren. Although reluctant at first, the character Charles eventually compromises and decides to cheat in order to gain money and fame. While this is fun to begin with, he ultimately realizes the toll that it is taking on his life.

The scene where confesses to the court about his actions is a key scene that had the potential to either make or break the film. Had his lines been delivered without heart-felt enthusiasm, the scene would not have had it's profound impact that gives a feeling of closure to the story. In the end Charles Van Doren is able to move on with his life while the character Herbie Stempel (John Turturro) is not. John Turturro's character is annoying, but he plays the part of a nervous wreck quite well. It is always easy to play a likeable character but a truly talented actor is one who can pull off playing the putrid bad guy. I also felt the scene where Rob Morrow is eating dinner with Charles Van Doren and his family was especially important, because it gives you a glimpse into what Van Doren's...