Film Review: Remember the Titans, (2000)

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"Remember the Titans", is a film based on a true story. It took place in a small town in Virginia named Alexandria in 1981. It is about the forced integration of T.C. Williams High School. It deals with complicated issues about racism, teamwork, and friendship. One of the main characters is Coach Herman Boone staring Denzel Washington. He is given the role of head football coach at the newly integrated High School. Problems arise from the very beginning since the team becomes half black and half white after the integration. Former coach Bill Yoast is forced to work aside a Coach Boone, and this situation becomes extremely difficult for him to handle, although not impossible. The main focus of the film centers on the difficulty the players face integrating with their fellow teammates. The white players are reluctant to play with the black players as a team. Coach Boone, a strict coach who loves the game, teaches the players how to play but also how to bond, become friends, and develop into a very successful team.

It is a very interesting movie that shows the importance of judging an individual by his character and not by the color of his skin. At the end the important lesson learned by the players is to overlook the race of one another, love and respect each other in order to live in peace and obtain success in their teams' goals.

The three concepts that I have chosen to identify are as follows: intimacy, confirming and disconfirming communications.

Intimacy A state of personal sharing arising from physical, intellectual, and/or emotional contact (Adler and Towne 476).

I.E. Laura and Louis became best friends after sharing the intimacy of being roommates for one year.

Confirming Communication A message that expresses caring or respect for another...