Film review on "Toy Story" showing the journeys involved

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Disney’s No.1 box office smash hit and the recipient of a special Academy Award – Toy Story!Toy Story is the groundbreaking 1995 motion picture developed by Disney and Pixar and directed by John Lasseter. Combined with visual wizardry, uproarious laughs and the coolest characters ever assembled transform the world’s first computer-animated feature into an incomparable movie experience of fun and adventure.

On the front cover of the movie, there is a shot of Buzz flying into the air with Woody holding on to his arm. Below on Andy’s bed are the less important characters. The camera shows a high angle shot with a close up of Buzz and Woody and is also looking down on the other characters in the distance. The concept of journey is emphasised by showing Buzz and Woody closer at a high angle shot and flying into the air to an unknown destination.

The back cover of the movie also shows a few scenes of their journey.

One shows Buzz and Woody on a racing car trying to escape from a dog that is chasing them. The look of fear on their faces, the background of cars and the road rushing behind them suggests a fast paced movement.

Toy Story is a film which represents journey through many different aspects. There are two physical journeys shown in this film. One of the journeys is of a young boy named Andy having to move to a new home, the other is of two action figures by the name of Buzz Lightyear and Woody, the pull-string cowboy, having to get back to their owner, Andy.

In the opening scene, the protagonist, Woody is introduced when playing with Andy. Majestic music is being played in the background; this highlights the importance of the character to Andy and...