Film Sequences

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Film sequences

The Dark Knight Rises

Title Sequence.

The title sequence opens with a Warner Brothers logo which is mostly displayed as a gold logo with a blue sky and clouds in the background whereas in "The Dark Knight Rises" the logo is silver and has a black and cloudy sky in the background. This immediately gives an idea to viewer of an overwhelming theme of darkness since it has spread to features that don't have any dramatic relevance to the film. The colour black has connotations to authority and power as well as death which instantly shows the viewer the movie will not entirely be sunshine and butterflies. Once the partnerships logos of the film have finished it is followed by the names of the producers accented with silent explosions and smoke coming of them, this indicates a theme of destruction to the viewer. A close up shot of the batman logo is then shown as well as a large print of the word gotham the city in which batman is mostly active and then a photo of batman out of his suit being developed in a dark room and then several photographs being burned, which has connotations of anger or hatred, and then the camera uses a moving shot to almost establish a vague first person journey leading up to a close up shot of batmans mask, this is used to create tenseness and it gives the viewer and idea of the protagonist looking to to find Batman which can only lead to bad things.

Opening scene.

In the beginning of the opening scene there is a moving mid shot of a moving van which is used to immediately establish a fast paced theme this is accented by music which creates a tenseness and sense of...