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Samantha Rhatigan

Karen Crisp

Psychological Assessment

April 25, 2013

Final Assessment

Demographic Information:

Name: Danielle Swayre

D.O.B: February 19th, 1993 Age: 20

Gender: Female Marital Status: Dating

Phone: (814) 207-6769 Ethnicity: Caucasian


Interviewer: Samantha Rhatigan

Background Information:

Danielle is a 20 year old female that was born on February 19th, 1993. She has brown hair and hazel eyes and lives in Hollidaysburg, Pa. She has a mom, Jennifer and a dad, Mike. They have been married for 31 years. She is the youngest in her family. She has a brother Mike, he's 25. She also has a sister Alynda , she is 22. Her sister is her best friend, and she is now married with a child on the way. Her freshman year she went to Lycoming College her freshman year and then transferred to Mansfield. She has a boyfriend named Matthew Decker, she loves to fish and ride four wheelers with him.

Over the summer she works at a golf course and babysits for four boys between the ages of 2-11. She loves her job. In the summer she likes to have bonfires and hangout with her friends , and go on road trips.

Presenting Problem:

This 20-year-old taken female was referred due to the fact of high levels of anxiety. The client took varies of test and they all prove that she has a high level of anxiety. After the test was taken she was a little shocked because she thought she was a lot happier then she scored. She presents herself as sad and depressed . She rarely smiles and when she does it is for a moment. We are trying to find out what her diagnosis could be and if she has anything else she is concerned about.


She is dressed in casual...