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Final Essay Throughout the years I have never had a strong desire to write. English has never been an easy subject for me. I often found myself at the lower end of the class average, struggling with the many things you are required to know when writing. Although, I felt more prepared going into English 1010 than I had any other english class in the past. I have never had a problem grasping the assignments only the many techniques that accompany the writing process. Throughout the trimester I have grown as a writer in mainly two aspects, the writing process, and observation and detail.

When writing a paper, to often I would skip steps that are critical. I never took into consideration who my audience was or what kind of relationship the audience had with me as a writer. Most importantly I never thought about the position I put my reader in and what they already know or what they need to know about my topic.

I would also falter when it came to organization. Carefully shaping your piece of writing let's you see whether the information is clear, whether your overall paper expresses and clarifies your purpose, and whether your content and organization meet the needs and expectations of the reader. I have seen my writing improve in these areas because they were stressed in class.

I don't mind writing stories but I focus so much on rushing through it I leave out important details. To write an effective story you have to write in such a way that the reader can visualize the situation. I would never take the time to use comparisons or suggestive images. When taking on writing assignments in English 1010, I found that the most effective technique for describing situations was to...